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Below is a list of our outstanding manufacturers we work with to service your needs!


Click the image for a link to their website and more information about their products.

Champion Valves

 Wafer Style Check Valves: Dual Disc, Rubber Lined, Axial Flow, API6D This Pattern, and Silent Center Guided Check Valves.

SCV Valve

Petroleum Valve Products - API 6A & 6D Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves, Thru Conduit and Slab Gate Valves, Full Port Swing Check Valves, Piston Check Valves, Pressure Balanced Lubricated Plug Valves, Wedge & Pressure Seal Gate Valves.

Taylor Valve Technology

Quality API & ASME Safety Relief Valves, Choke Valves, Liquid Level and Measurement Devices. Rupture Pin patented buckling pin technology provide highly accurate Pressure Relief valves, Pressure Isolation Valves, and Emergency Shutoff Valves.

US Valve

Elastomer Hinged Low Pressure Dual Disc Check Valves, Full Port Check Valves, Medical and Industrial Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, and OEM Custom Valve Solutions.

Hellan Strainer Co.

Hellan Twin Basket Self Cleaning Strainers 2” – 20” Manual Operation or Fully Motor Operated; Available in Iron, Bronze, Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel. Additional abilities include Hoses & Reels, Suction Diffusers, Cooling and Filtration Skids, and Specialty Fabrication.


Heavy Duty Limit Switches, Industrial Limit Switches, Explosion Proof Limit Switches, Proximity Sensors, Solenoids, and Operating Levers.


Slurry Knife Gate & Ball Valves for abrasive, corrosive, and course/heavy solids. Dependable service with user friendly design and minimal wear parts.


One, Two & Three Piece Design Ball Valves; Threaded, Socket Weld, Butt Weld, Tri-Clamp and Flanged Ends, Others Available, ¼” – 12”; Three-Way and Four-Way Multi-Port Valves, Micro-Pure Valves, V-Port Specialty Control Valves; Full Automation and Controls.

Fabricast Valve

Fabricated Knife Gate Valves including unidirectional metal seated and bi-direction resilient seated bubble tight designs. Slide Gate Valves for dense stock and static columns. Performance Plus Polymer Lined Knife Gate Valves for harsh, abrasive, and corrosive applications.


Fully Lined (PTFE, RPTFE, and PTFE-AS) Butterfly Valves, Cylindrical Plug Valves, Diaphragm Valves, Sight Glasses, Various Sampling Valves, and Lined Pipe. Specialty liners and Disc/Stem Encapsulation; Manual & Automated Controls.

Valve and Pump

Specialty fabricated products include Piping Spool Pieces, Valve Actuation and Brackets/Adapters, Valve Repair and Modification, Hardware, and Custom Component Machining.

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